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Energy healer, clairvoyant and tarot card reader, is a famous Polish esoteric. Through his many media appearances and publications he is well known in Poland. 
For 8 years Tom has been working with people all over the world. Despite his young age, his energy-healing sessions are helping people to bring positive changes in their lives. Tom works with his own methods, which he learned by meditating and contacting higher beings of light.



•Subconscious mind: With its schemes and codes, inherited from our ancestors, family and those we have created by ourselves, stopping us from feeling happy.

• Traumatic emotions and their influence on our body

• Karmic problems with relationships:
Often we are just repeating a scenario, which happened before, and we are lost in this circle.

• Energy fields and beings surrounding us: astral parasites, ghosts and demons that make us feel unhappy.

• Karmic problems and blockades, which are in us, but source of the problem comes from different incarnations

•Chakras, and energy channels: They are essential for the right flow of energy in our system

Using his abilities as a clairvoyant, Tom is able to find reasons for problems which are hidden in the past, but can also answer questions concerning your future.

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, you have a feeling of being stuck, you have health issues, relationships with people are difficult for you, you feel helpless, you are having financial problems or you are not sure what is going on in your life and which path to follow – contact Tom.

You can work with Tom wherever you are. He is able to help you through online conversation.

You can contact him via phone, Skype and Whatsapp. You can also send an email using the formulae on the right.


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